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Del Mar Global Trust (DMGT) is a private charitable foundation established to benefit the Earth's natural environment. We believe the state of the environment directly impacts human health, political and social stability and numerous other humanitarian factors that affect our sense of well being.

Our primary areas of interest include climate change, reproductive justice and their interrelationships. We support efforts to increase awareness, concern and action on climate change at all levels of society. DMGT acknowledges that those communities most affected by climate change typically bear the least responsibility for causing it. We support the empowerment of communities and individuals to combat climate change through legal, educational, legislative and other means. DMGT considers the intersectionality among climate justice, reproductive justice and racial justice in all our grantmaking decisions.

DMGT does not accept unsolicited grant applications.

Mission Statement:

Del Mar Global Trust aims to promote a harmonious existence between man and the natural environment. We believe that man’s quality of life reflects the quality of the environment.

DMGT Science Advisors:

Donald S. Marszalek, Ph.D. - Earth Sciences, Oceanography

William W. Hay, Ph.D. - Climatology, Marine Science, Cretaceous Geology - in memoriam

Del Mar Global Trust

1515 S. Federal Hwy
Suite 201
Boca Raton, FL 33432

Tel: 561-391-9414
Fax: 561-391-1011

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