Del Mar Global Trust

Del Mar Global Trust (DMGT) is a private charitable foundation established to benefit the earth’s natural environment.  We believe the state of the environment directly impacts other important issues including human health, political and social stability, and numerous other humanitarian factors that affect our sense of individual happiness and fulfillment.

DMGT focuses on the big picture when engaging in environmental issues, noting that female reproductive health and rights, population growth, and public education greatly affect man’s relationship and exploitation of the natural environment. Our primary areas of interest include climate change and women’s reproductive rights and health.

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Mission Statement:

Del Mar Global Trust aims to promote a harmonious existence between man and the natural environment.  We believe that man’s quality of life reflects the quality of the environment.

DMGT Science Advisors:

William W. Hay, Ph.D. – Climatology, Marine Science, Cretaceous Geology                                                                     Donald S. Marszalek, Ph.D. – Earth Sciences, Oceanography